The road of stringed instrument in forty years

Posted By Admin    on May 18, 2017

The ancient city of Yangzhou outstanding people, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, profound cultural background. In recent years, has been named "hometown of the zither," "stringed instrument industry capital" in the world. Two-thirds of the national piano kite from Yangzhou, hundreds of koto enterprises located in the ancient city both inside and outside, production and sales booming, thriving, to carry forward the stringed instrument Zither culture made a significant contribution. Talking about the grand occasion of the development of the stringed instrument today, we have to mention the teacher Ting Tiangao, a gardener who cares very hard on this fertile land. He developed the first stringed instrumentzhou of the state 40 years ago. The first batch of stringed instrument was made in 1980. And four decades as one of the development of stringed instrument cultural promotion activities. He is the founder of the Phoenix musical instrument brand and is the founder of the Yangzhou Huaxia stringed instrument stringed instrument Art Museum. He is a member of China Musician Association, an advanced individual in the protection of intangible cultural heritage under the Ministry of Culture, and a winner of the Chinese stringed instrument Art Lifetime Achievement Award. I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing him on the way of his 40 years of koto art. Pastoral idyllic childhood. In 1958, during the national great leap forward, there was a party in front of the great Wang Shunsan Hall at Yangzhou High School. He actually took a flute to join the parade. Into the city junior high school living in the landlord, I saw someone on the street carrying a beggar selling, a bamboo erhu want more than a piece of money, so he asked landlord Lee Granny agreed, with get out of class time, pick up the stones knocked stones to the cart of. At that time to build normal college need Sanhe soil, a cart two cents five minutes, he knocked a few days a few cars, get seven cents five points, plus agricultural busy leave picked wheat ear to sell four cents to buy a bamboo erhu To self-study, no spectrum went to Xinhua Bookstore bought a tin drama "double-grinding." Broadcasting often erhu solo "good night", "bright line" also gave him a great inspiration and guidance. The first two days, the school should engage in a small band for girls singing accompaniment, Tian Bugo erhu was selected by the teacher, so three erhu, a Hu, a flute has become a small band. "Gaoyou Northwest Township," "Boasting the groom" and other programs to participate in the show actually also won the prize.

In 1960 he was admitted to Yangzhou Normal School and participated in the work of the student council. The school leaders attached great importance to literature and art and actually performed special programs such as "Third Sister Liu" and "White-Haired Girl". Tian Bu Gao is also a member of the band Erhu.

In 1964, at the age of 21, he graduated from a four-year normal school. Because of natural disasters and distribution difficulties, Tian Bu-gao was assigned to Meiling Primary School because of his expertise. This is a special treatment he will always remember. Assigned to the school, in addition to language teaching and class teacher outside. He used his spare time to mentor students in small bands and rehearsed literary programs.

In July 1970, the Nanjing Honghua Art Troupe came to perform in Yangzhou, sensationalizing the whole city. Yangzhou Military Commission determined to do "Little Red Flower." Soon Yangzhou Small Flower Art Troupe was founded. Army representatives grasping ideological education, Tian Bugao responsible for team work, he is also responsible for the band rehearsal and training, but also screenwriter, lyricist, composer, production of props and other props, at that time "800 million people in eight drama, see the theater to see Small tricks "reception performance Trinidad and Tobago, three or four times a week, Tian Bugeng is eight years. Now students have become pillars of talent. Because of interest coupled with the difficulty of small red flowers, he used self-taught woodworking techniques to find bass drawings began bass production project. Please work with a woodworking, from the blanking, puzzle, planing side panels, wooden blank to paint, bow, assembly all self-reliance, a die-like children's bass made. (Right) usher in a special trip to Nanjing and other places to visit Yang.

"Who's no picture drum, where is not a silver stringed instrument," "Thousands of daughter-in-law to teach music, ten to spend planting farming." Yangzhou history of stringed instrument activities can only find from the poem, but ancient city is difficult to find traces of stringed instrument. Tian Bu Gao and his fellow germination promote the idea of ​​stringed instrument stringed instrument from the beginning of the kite, but then there is no sample, no drawings, and no master. With the support of the administrative office of the municipality, the paulownia plantation of the felling organ dried and dried, and the foot lacquer ware was bought at the lacquerware factory. The stringed instrument started to be developed in the small red garden. The first successful development of the three stringed instrument, when called "the first stringed instrumentzhou Yangzhou" from then on he can not send, each summer vacation to borrow the cultural center warehouse, dongguan two small classrooms and other places, please come carpentry stringed instrument, at cost The price of 80 yuan to 110 yuan was provided to Yangzhong's stringed instrumentstringed instrument trainee and Zhang Gong for training. Tian Bugao was responsible for developing the stringed instrument and started the zither training course in the ancient city of Yangzhou.

In July 1980, the Tianbu High-profile Children's Palace was responsible for the restoration of preparatory work. It was the founding of the stringed instrument development team in Yangzhou that allocated 1,500 yuan for the development of stringed instrument and stringed instrument from the Tianbu Gao in the Children's Palace, In the infrastructure workshop among the first batch of ten stringed instrument, which is following the "first stringed instrumentzhou Yangzhou after the first system of stringed instrument.

From her childhood wishes and expectations to the success of violins, bass, stringed instrument and stringed instrument, Tian Bugao realized the childhood dream of making and playing musical instruments. However, he himself did not realize that his life would be closely related to the art of stringed instrument stringed instrument Buckle and connected.

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